Activities from the past: competition for young composers - 21/10/2021

Young composers competition
In collaboration with the Hippisch Centrum Exloo, the Rian de Waal Foundation and the Frisian Foundation It kypmantsje, we gave three composition students the opportunity to write a composition of about 7 minutes for three international horse riders on a cure for their international competition.
The composition will be for piano and violin.

First prize : Xander Wadman, prize 1500 euro

Second prize : Rian de Waal, prize 1000 euro

Third prize : 750 euro
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Step 1: May 8/9 first acquaintance. The composition students will meet the riders in their cure (without music) in the Hippic center, be inspired by the cure, film it, and they will be assigned a rider. Financed stay in concertfarm the d’Rentmeester in Valthermond.
Step 2: students start composing supervised by their teachers, the student keeps in touch with the rider for whom they are going to compose the cure.
Step 3: in a financed weekend stay for horse riders and composition students (dates to be announced ) the compositions are practiced with a Midi version of the students.
The international competition for international horse riders is in the Hippisch Centrum Exloo from 21 to 24 october 2021.

Pictures: Rian de Waal 1958-2011 and Xander Wadmann 1954-2018